How to Generate Google Sitemap Quickly and Effectively?

Generate Google Sitemap

Since we all know that Google sitemap is benefit for both search engine and user experience and to generate Google sitemap is a job needed by all webmasters. But do you know how to generate Google sitemap in an easy, professional and effective way? In this article, you will find your exact answer!


Generate Google Sitemap Manually (Not Recommended)


Below are steps to generate sitemap manually, if you have certain coding knowledge, and do not need to make Google sitemap frequently, you can try it. But it is not recommended, since it is very time-consuming and if you have many site pages, you need to repeat the process once and once again.


1. Find a HTML template you like online

2. Open the template with DW or other coding editors

3. Add all URLs of the site which you want to generate a google sitemap for.

4. Edit anchor texts and titles for each URL to help visitors have a better understanding of your site.


Then, you need to submit the sitemap to your sever and search engines.


Yes, submitting process is also time-and-energy-wasting, is there an easy way to do all?

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Sitemap X-Generate Sitemap in the Easiest Way


Sitemap X can help you generate, upload and ping Google sitemap in just several clicks:


Different Types of Sitemaps

Sitemap X can generate sitemap in several different types: HTML, XM, TXT and GZ.


Submit to Server & Ping Search Engines Automatically

You can submit the sitemap to your sever with its built-in FTP client and ping search engines with Ping function.


Set a schedule to make all the whole process automated in a fixed time.

If you need to generate a sitemap frequently, this function can offer you many helps. By setting a schedule, it will crawl your site, generate sitemap, submit it to sever and ping search engines automatically in a schedule.


Discover site problems

We all know that dead links or invalid links will hurt the site optimization and impact page rankings. Thus, Sitemap X provides you with the function of checking the invalid links.


In a word, Sitemap X is a full-featured sitemap assistant which not only can create sitemaps professionally and easily but also can do much more. You do not need to hesitate, since Sitemap X is totally free! Free download it right now!

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System Requirements

Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2008
32 bit and 64 bit System



Sitemap X saved much of my time and energy. It can generate Google site map in seconds. Thank you very much for such a nice and free tool.


It is wonderful! This sitemap tool is very easy to manage. And I have hundreds of pages, Sitemap X cangenerate Google sitemap for each of them in an amazingly fast way.


Sitemap X has made the ranking position of my new site better and better, I like to use it very much! You cannot image such a nice site map generator is life-time free!


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