How to Find Your Suitable Google Sitemap Creator

Google Sitemap Creator

Google sitemap is one of the most important influence factors for a good ranking position. With it, all your site visitors can easily find pages they are looking for, in other words, with it, you will offer site visitors nice browsing experiences.


Besides, sitemap would also be benefit for search engines, since all listed pages in your site structure would be grasped more easily and quickly. As a result of the good user experience and better indexing, you would certainly have a good ranking position in Google.

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Comparison of Three Kinds of Google Sitemap Creators


Briefly saying, there are mainly three kinds of Google sitemap creators available: online free ones, paid ones and free ones. Each of them has their advantages and disadvantages, which will be introduced to you as a reference in this article, so that you can find the most suitable Google sitemap creator.


Online ones:

The most, or maybe the only advantage of online sitemap creators is no need to download. But most online sitemap creators own very single functions which also have a limitation on the amount of URLs or the size of site and are very slow so that you need to have enough patient to wait for it. Otherwise, your sitemap creating cannot be finished,


Paid ones:

Compared with online ones, paid ones are more full-functioned, but also have their own disadvantages: complicated, so you need high-tech knowledge to manage all its functions and expensive, for much money is needed.



Free ones:

Maybe some users think free tool is not very reliable. Yes, for some free tools, such is the case, but not absolutely. There are also some free tools which are both professional and full-featured, more importantly, they are suitable for all types of users to easily manage.

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Sitemap X is one of Such Kind of Free Tools


Sitemap X is exactly such a creator, which is not only professional and automatic but totally free! You just need to enter one of the URLs of the site and then this amazing Google xml sitemap creator will finish the crawling in just seconds.


Besides, Sitemap X is not just a Google sitemap creator but much more, such as, identifying site errors, pinging major search engines, changing sitemap style, submitting sitemap to sever and search engines, and so on.


In a word, Sitemap X is suitable for all types of users who want to own a good ranking position. More importantly, it's a life-time free application that you can have a 100% sure for your use.

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System Requirements

Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2008
32 bit and 64 bit System



Sitemap X is such a wonderful tool! I never saw a nice and fully functional tool is completely free. It is really a nice Google sitemap generator that has improved my site ranking greatly.
--Boyd Child


I have tried many ways to create my sitemaps, and all of them are not suitable for me because some of them are expensive and the others are complex or even worse for both. Sitemap X is a free one but very easy to use and full-featured.
--Grover Adam


I'm a big site owner with hundreds of site pages. It is impossible to make sitemaps manually, and almost all paid tools are with a complex operation. I like Sitemap X, it saves nearly all my sitemap creating time.
--Len Henry


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