Google xml Sitemap is Helpful for All Webmasters

Google xml sitemap

Google xml Sitemap is Important


Do you want your pages indexed by Google as quickly as possible?

Do you want all changes of your site known by Google immediately?

Do you want your site in a good ranking position in Google?


If your answers are yes, you do need a Google xml sitemap. xml sitemap for Google can be called a powerful site assistant, which connects between your site and Google. That is to say, a professional Google xml sitemap can notify all your site modifications including new added pages, page changing, and page priority and much more to Google, with the purpose to make Google spider release a new indexing of your site pages.


What's more, when spider comes, all pages that you want to be indexed will be clearly shown by xml sitemap for Google, which is pretty useful for a quick and complete indexing.

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How to Make More Easily


As we have realized the importance of xml sitemap, next is how to achieve it. Certainly, there are many related tools, online ways or manual ways available, but most of them are very complex or expensive or even worse both. The following is one of the manual ways that you can take as a reference:


Find a xml template

Open xml in DW, and edit sitemap related files

Add your pages URLs (and other URLs you'd like search engines to view) to corresponding files.

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Want to Generate Freely?


The way listed above is not suitable for all webmasters, especially for newbies and the owners of a huge site with lots pages. And even you can manage in complex ways, don't you want to use an easier and even free way to save much of your time? Yes, Sitemap X can help you realize it!


Sitemap X is not only a Google site map generator, but also a professional submitter and editor. It can help you submit the sitemap to your websever, find all the problems in your site and ping search engines timely. Furthermore, Besides xml format, Sitemap X also supports other types, such as, GZ, HTML and TXT and so on.


More importantly, it is a life-time free tool! If you want half the work with double results with Google, Google xml sitemap cannot be missed by you! If you want half the work with double results with xml sitemap for Google, Sitemap X cannot be missed by you too!

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System Requirements

Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2008
32 bit and 64 bit System



I have never seen such a full-featured sitemap tool and amazingly, it is totally free! And I also like the user interface, it is beautiful.
--Tom Smith

Sitemap X is very easy to manage. I tried it because it's a free ware, but after a certain period of use, I enjoy it very much. Its functions are professional and user-friendly.
--Cynthia Baker

This professional tool has many nice functions. It can not only make a google xml sitemap, but also can submit it and edit all crawled items. And it also can find all site errors, as well as a nice Ping function.
--Ben Kent


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