This Sitemap Maker Help Build Sitemap Automatically and Freely

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Are you tired of making sitemap by hands? Do you want to find a simpler and faster way? If yes, no worry anymore, a sitemap maker can help you automatically generate sitemap.


Why I Build this Sitemap Maker – Sitemap X?


There are so many site map makers on the internet, some are free online generators and some are paid ones. The main reason why I build this tool-Sitemap X was that all of the other similar software doesn't fit my requirements. Sitemap X is a free sitemap maker which will help you automatically generate sitemaps in XML, TXT, HTML and GZ format.


Moreover, it includes tools, such as broken links checker to help you discover problems that may prevent your site from ranking well on search engines. You can also set up the schedule to fully automate sitemap indexing, uploading and pinging process.

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The benefits of Sitemap X compared to other site map makers are:


It's completely free of charge and very fast

It's very-easy-to-use, even if you are a new webmaster

No URLs number limits

Helps you find out invalid links

Uploads sitemap to webserver with its FTP function

Notifies search engines with ping function


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How to Use Sitemap X to Make Sitemap


Just by simply following our easy instructions, you will create sitemap in a few minutes.


1. Enter your site base URL and required info, then Sitemap X will spider your website and crawl your pages.

2. All the page URLs and problem pages will be listed in the interface from which you can edit the info of all pages including page priority or last modified time, etc and delete the dead links or broken links to make your site more favored by search engines.

3. Click "Generate" to create 4 main types of sitemaps and save them on your pc.

4. Upload them to your server with built-in FTP tool.

5. Ping your sitemaps to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines for one click with ping function.


Features of Sitemap X :


Supports both static & dynamic URLs

Indexes WebPages according to the Google sitemap protocol

Checks for broken links with built-in broken link checker

Deletes webpage or change URL, such as last changed date easily

Divides the sitemap to parts automatically


Want to use the free site map maker to make sitemaps? Don't be hesitated, download Sitemap X now, you will be surprised for the good result it brings you.

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System Requirements

Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2008
32 bit and 64 bit System



Wow! I like this sitemap maker very much! It has many useful functions which will benefit SEO a lot.



This is a great tool! I like one click solutions to things. Really fantastic!



What great, timesaving software it is! Thank you author!


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